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Serving the following industries.

Postal/Parcel – Airport Baggage Handling – Logistics

MCS Automation has been designing and implementing PLC based Automation Systems for the past 30 years.

We have very deep expertise in the Rockwell Automation platform.  We are a Rockwell Automation Recognized System Integrator Partner which underscores our proven competency with Rockwell Automation products and affords us a mutually supportive relationship with Rockwell.

We also have experience implementing Automation System Solutions in the following other platforms:

Schneider Electric / Modicon
Automation Direct

Our team takes a very structured and modular approach to PLC code development that stresses DRY principles and re-useability. Our software development practices focus on “automation” where possible and we make continuous investments in internal software tools to aid in that process. For some of our more common systems, we’ve developed tools to leverage libraries of proven code templates to actually generate entire PLC programs from spreadsheets, reducing engineering time and increasing quality. Our goal is always to deliver PLC Code that is understandable, maintainable, and rock-solid.

MCS Automation Engineers have an expansive electrical design background. We’ve been designing Electrical Controls systems for 30 years, so we have both the experience necessary to succeed and exposure to a wide variety of industries. We strive to stay on the cutting edge of emerging technologies and keep our engineers up to date on the latest industry trends. From a component upgrade to a new system design, our engineers strive to provide our customers with a design that fits their specific needs, exceeds expectations, for a great value.

MCS Automation boasts a full service, panel shop which offers unparalleled quality and competitive pricing. We can fabricate a wide range of panels to meet the needs of your system. This includes all sizes, from small, custom Terminal Junction boxes to large multi-door MCP panels.

MCS Automation is an expert in developing full featured, well designed, HMI and SCADA solutions.

Our engineers have experience developing a wide variety of Visualization solutions from a simple panel mount HMIs to complete Control Room Operational Solutions. We have expertise in the following platforms:

Allen Bradley / Rockwell Automation


We are proud to be an Enrolled Member of the ICONICS Systems Integrator Program


MCS Automation is an expert in the field of RFID Systems for the Airport Baggage Handling Industry. We implemented our first RFID based baggage scanning solution for a Major International Airport in 2011 and have been constantly honing our skills since. Along with our partners at Impinj we have developed a Baggage Read Controller that has proven capable of achieving a 99.5% Read Rate. We are currently deploying this solution Terminal-wide at one of the worlds busiest International Airports. When coupled with our Reporting / Data Collection system and BRS Integration, the system will give unprecedented baggage visibility and traceability to the Airport’s operator positioning them to fully support IATA Resolution 753 ahead of schedule.

We are proud to be affiliated with New Jersey IBEW Electrical Locals 102, 164 and 456.

When charged with the responsibility for the electrical installation or project management of our out of state projects we rely on local electrical contractors to perform the work under our supervision.

MCS has installed projects in New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, Nevada and Puerto  Rico.

MCS Automation operates a full service, UL 508a Panel Shop which offers unmatched quality, attention to detail, and competitive pricing. We can fabricate a wide range of panels to meet the needs of your system. This includes all sizes, from Custom Terminal Junction boxes to large multi-door MCP panels.